Vehicles are pieces of machinery that need to be inspected on a regular basis, maintained, and repaired to ensure all the parts, components, and systems are in good condition and working well. When dealing with vehicle inspections, the process involves a step by step diagnostics to make sure everything in your vehicle is in working order and performing optimally.

It’s quite unfortunate to note that very few people understand how to perform a complete vehicle inspection on their own. However, there’s no need to worry since you can always schedule detailed and full vehicle inspections with a trusted auto shop on a regular basis. It’s important to always take your vehicle for inspection to a professional auto repair or maintenance garage.

When should you go for detailed inspections? Well, start with your manufacturer’s manual and see the guidelines on when your vehicle needs a detailed service. On the other hand, you can always have your car inspected on a daily basis.

What is a regular complete vehicle inspection?

As mentioned earlier, a vehicle inspection is a thorough and time process that involves step by step diagnostics to make sure the vehicle is working well and performing optimally. A complete vehicle inspection, therefore, involves a thorough process where the major aspects of your vehicle’s operations and structures are checked from point to point. The process is usually done on a regular schedule and is done the same each time, whether repairs were done or everything seemed to be fine the last time the vehicle was checked.

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for complete vehicle inspection on a regular basis:

Assuring safety

Despite the fact that vehicles are usually manufactured to ensure safety, comfort and high performance, you must understand that they are pieces of machines that can wear-out and even break down. No one is ready to leave the safety of their family to the clutches of chance. That’s the reason why you can’t afford forgoing or failing to inspect your car on a regular basis.

Forgoing regular inspections for your vehicle is risking your safety and that of your family. A regular, complete vehicle inspection ensures your car is in top notch condition always.

Save money

A thorough inspection regularly will save thousands of dollars that you’d have spent on costly repairs. The fact that you are failing to regularly inspect your vehicle means you’re preparing for long-term damage which will end up costing you more. Inspecting your car will help you detect and deal with any problems early enough before they become serious problems.

Enhanced durability

Yes, it’s very unwise to skip or forgo preventive maintenance. In addition to saving money, a vehicle inspection done regularly will prolong the life of your vehicle. Detecting problems early will save you a lot of money and also have the problem fixed early. This ensures every part of your car is operating properly.

The best thing you can do is hiring a certified, experienced professional like Kuhn Automotive (jaguar repair atlanta) to help with your vehicle inspection.  


Most drivers are yet to find out how hard their radiators works during the summer season to keep their vehicles calm and collected. Your radiator is one of the most important components of your car as it ensures your engine doesn’t overheat thereby allowing your vehicle to run efficiently. As a matter of fact, if your radiator fails, your vehicle won’t be able to even move a block. You can imagine how it would feel if this happens in the unforgiving sun during the summer season.

The radiator prevents your car engine from overheating by circulating the coolant through the engine block. The coolant then losses the heat once it’s heated. You need a professional radiator flush to ensure optimal performance of your car engine.

Your vehicle’s radiator can only function properly if the coolant inside is kept clean and light. That simply means your radiator must be clean. A professional radiator flush is the solution that will keep your radiator clean. How does it work? The old coolant is drained and flushed with a huge quantity of antifreeze. Here are some of the benefits of flushing your radiator.

Gets rid of debris and sediments

The more the coolant is used the more it loses its potency. Over time, the coolant gets contaminated and polluted by debris and other sediments and it becomes difficult for it to flow smoothly throughout the cooling system. At this point, the coolant is very think and contaminated. To ensure optimal engine performance, the coolant should be lighter and clean. A professional Radiator flush will get it done in the right way.

Protects your car engine and water pump

If you’ve ever seen your car engine overheat, you’ll agree to the fact that the engine block, head casket as well as the cylinder heads are usually affected. The overheating effect causes these components to crack or even get warped so easily.

The water pump plays an important role in the cooling system of any vehicle. It’s responsible for powering the coolant. That means it becomes difficult for the water pump to power it throughout the system once the coolant has become think, heavy and contaminated. The purpose of a radiator is to prevent your engine from overheating and there’s only one way to ensuring that-having a professional radiator flush. A radiator flush will also help you save your water pump.

Prevents the radiator from rusting

Most drivers across the country and even beyond have developed a tendency of putting un-distilled tap water into their car radiators. What they have never realized is that corrosion and rust is awaiting them. The metal frame of your radiator is usually affected by the constant presence of moisture and heat. Once rust starts developing on the metal frame of your radiator, the rust particles end up clogging the pipes of your radiator. That affects its performance and efficiency. A good radiator flush will get rid of these awful rust particles.

A professional radiator flush gives a complimentary inspection

Finally, taking your vehicle to a professional for a radiator flush might offer you a complimentary inspection. A good mechanic or auto shop will inspect your radiator for any leakages or problems.